Quality, excellence, tradition and vision.

Though we take an innovative approach to real estate development, our devotion to quality and tradition are unwavering and deep-rooted. Our founder and CEO, Ronald K. Rasak, is proud to follow in the mighty footsteps of his father and grandfather, both of whom were successful developers in Detroit, Michigan. At RKR, our projects consistently strike a delicate balance between luxury and convenience.


CloudNine at Camarillo: Private luxury hangars for the discerning aircraft owner.

With CloudNine at Camarillo, we bring 30 years of exclusive real estate development experience to the aviation industry. CloudNine guarantees aircraft owners the highest levels of privacy, security, elegance and sophistication. Our 25,000 sq.ft. luxury hangars (each with 5,000 attached sq.ft. of offices, kitchens, conference rooms and resting space for pilots) are located at the intimate, uncongested and conveniently-situated Camarillo airport. Sleek, modern owner-operator facilities provide the finest environment for your aircraft, and can be custom-designed to fit your unique needs.


Full facility management and maintenance after project completion.

At RKR, we believe wholeheartedly in the old adage that “people make a difference.” Our esteemed management team represents everything we stand for as a company: excellence, quality, experience, and above all, integrity. These values extend to all facets of property management—including tenant relations, lease documentation and enforcement, retail marketing, accounting methodology, grounds maintenance and supervision, and site staff supervision.

We guarantee timely rent collection, detailed financial reports, steadfast liaisons between community planners and the city building department, cost-controlled services for recurring and non-recurring changes, preventative maintenance programs, common area maintenance reconciliation reports with excellent record-keeping to back up all claims, 24-hour on-call service, and win-win resolutions for tenant-landlord disputes. 

We also provide creative advertising campaigns and compelling events to attract patrons to the shopping center.

It’s easy to understand why we’ve maintained 90% or greater tenant occupancy in every shopping center we’ve managed to date (which adds up to over half a million square feet of space)!

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