Innovation Park

RKR Incorporated is proud to bring another exciting development concept to life. Our newest endeavor, INNOVATION PARK, will revolutionize the idea of the office environment from cubicles and fluorescent lighting to a place employee’s look forward to being each day--a community of creative productivity that fosters innovation. Companies at the forefront of the tech movement will come together in a synergistic atmosphere to expand their productivity. Innovation Park is much more than office spaces, rather, it is a recipe for success. Due to its vast size and wide array of amenities, Innovation Park is essentially a city within a city. Catering to employees, local residents and visitors, the exquisite Main Street style ambiance creates a friendly and energetic atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Tenants will be connected through landscaped pathways, glistening water features and stunning art installations. Surrounded by a wide array of anticipated private amenities and retail components, employees will step outside their offices to take a break and play a game of bowling with fellow colleagues or play the latest virtual craze at our gaming center.

At Innovation Park, the Southern California lifestyle is alive and well. With bicycles readily available for tenant use, any employee at Innovation Park can hop on a bike and visit the campus juice bar, candy store, dining venues or coffee shop. Companies will be pleased to host their power lunches at any one of our highly-regarded food and beverage locations. Not only do tenants have the option to host meetings at our restaurants, but state-of–the-art conference rooms are also accessible to each building.
Innovation Park
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We seek to promote an environment that will keep individuals active. No longer will employees of the tech world get caught up in the stress of the job. After a long day, employees can release their tension at our fully-equipped national chain gym, go for a run along the creek or reach new heights at our rock climbing wall.

Innovation Park offers these extraordinary amenities to encourage our tech tenants to have more of those “Ah-ha” moments. At Innovation Park, we provide the tools for intelligent minds to change the world one bit at a time. The interactive environment that Innovation Park provides will no doubt inspire the forward thinkers of tech to come together in a melting pot of innovation.

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