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April 19, 2019

“Camarillo is set to become a jumping off point to the world,” exclaimed Ron Rasak, President of RKR Incorporated. “We’ve recently had a Gulfstream leave Camarillo airport and travel non-stop to Paris,” Rasak continued. The airport has already hosted Kings & Queens. “And they chose Camarillo for a reason – it’s uncongested, classy, and a convenient place to be.”  Rasak continued, “with other airports you just don’t have that feel.”

Rasak is proud to be the developer of Cloud 9 -  120,000 sq. ft. of new hangar space at the airport - with four 25,000 sq. ft. hangars, each with attached 5,000 sq. ft. offices, kitchens, conference rooms, and flight rooms with beds in case the pilots need a place to rest.

Roll up doors will allow owners to enter through a private vehicle entrance and drive right into their hangars in privacy. Of course, there will be a concierge service to assist with any of the owners needs.

The hangars will feature a sleek white-on-white interior with white epoxy floors and white walls, with tasteful accents of blue and red. Depending on timing, there may be some customization abilities in the interior color scheme.

There has been much foresight of the community leaders in creating a coexistence that has created a unique environment in Camarillo, which welcomes local travel and luxury lifestyle visitors, surrounded by the beauty and open agricultural landscape.

“The general public may not be fully aware of the positive economic impact that this type of clientele and activity can ignite,” stated Nick Marino, an aviation consultant to the Cloud 9 development. Things like private investment, new industry, fuel, fees, and jobs in all aspects of repair, maintenance and cleaning, etc. And then there are the extended services that will be fulfilled by the surrounding community for food, lodging, entertainment, health, exercise and shopping.

The Camarillo Airport has quite a history and evolution along with the tremendous growth of the city. “Camarillo Airport is unlike many other General Aviation airports, where land to expand amid the tight restrictions of pre-existing neighborhoods is limited, and not friendly to development,” explained Rasak.

“SOAR is an initiative put into action in Ventura County to preserve the agricultural industry,” Rasak explained. This provides a perfect blend of retaining the history and feeling of the community, while Camarillo springs ahead to offer this niche boutique industry and allow the city to blossom with responsible growth. The type of owners Rasak and Marino are looking for have access to the most current aircraft models, which have reduced wingspans, noise quieted by 40%, are more fuel efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

With the intimate and uncongested design of Camarillo airport, there will be less time spent between leaving their hangar, and getting straight on the runway. Less idling and waiting on the taxiway equals less excessive fuel burning. Plus, there are tax benefits associated with being in Ventura County.

“Lower taxes, lower fuel costs, lots of amenities, and connection to Europe and Asia,” stated Rasak.

Who is looking for Cloud 9’s solution to elegant and sophisticated travel?

Perhaps it would be a discerning owner-operator, an individual company, or a sports team. “These are people who don’t want to be seen, and will be able to go in their own office, through a secure entrance off of Las Posas Rd.”

“We’ve already had interest from as far as Santa Cruz, and from Montecito - it’s just a straight shot. Likewise, travel from Malibu up the coast to Camarillo is an easy and timesaving trip,” Rasak shared.

So there is a need, and Ron Rasak places ‘filling a need’ among the top reasons to get involved in solving problems. And seeing that he has come out of retirement to take on this project for the community, it is also important to him that it makes sense for everyone.

Written by: Rita Rogers Bishop

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