CloudNine was specifically designed to accommodate those aircraft owners with discerning taste, attention to detail, and the desire for privacy in owning their own exclusive, luxury hangar space without other fixed base operators affiliations. At CloudNine the care of your aircraft is our top priority. We have designed our hangars to provide the finest environment for your valuable investment.

CloudNine consists of four 25,000 square feet hangars with 5,000 square feet of office space attached to each hangar for a total available square footage of 120,000. At this time you are also able to purchase or lease from 25,000 square feet up to 120,000 square feet. Construction will commence during the latter half of 2020, with an estimated 12-month construction period. This will allow us to turn hangars over to owners in 2021.

Because CloudNine is currently in the conceptual design phase, it is completely customizable to suit your unique needs.

Additional Features

Private and secured entrance and exit off Las Posas Road for owners and their private guests and employees only

Solar units on top of hangars

Dedicated roll-up doors for each hangar so that owners can drive directly into their hangar should they choose

Interior of each hangar will include white-out walls with white epoxy floors

FIFTY YEAR LEASE has already been approved.*
* For more information call:
(805) 946-1665

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